Friday, April 24, 2009

And the braces are in... 1 pound down....

I got my braces yesterday morning. They hurt like hell!!! But I'm hoping that it will be worthwhile - not just for my smile, but for my waistline too! I'm down one more pound, so a staggering 275 pounds is my current weight.

Seriously, at this rate, I don't see how I won't lose weight. I have clear braces on the top - I was told that using condiments like mustard, ketchup - can stain my bands (around the braces) - which would defeat the whole purpose of getting clear braces on top!! So that cuts out enjoying a ton of foods...

I cannot bite into things. That eliminates even more.

RIGHT NOW, I can barely chew! So that eliminates most things!!

Not to mention, the upkeep with braces is hard enough without having to pick SO much stuff out of your teeth. We'll see how I'm doing in 2 weeks or so - if I've lost anymore weight or not.

Current weight: 275

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